Q.  What is the background to choosing the iPad for the 1:1 Program?

When we decided to go 1:1, we researched which devices schools were already using.  In the spring of 2013 we purchased samples of various devices in order to evaluate their effectiveness at FCS.  We quickly decided that the larger screen size (10") was important to our Upper School students in particular.  We then evaluated Android, iOS and Windows devices fitting the larger screen size requirement.  The iPad device provided the most consistent usability of the devices evaluated.  Another benefit to select the iPad is its frequent use in education and the resources available for teachers and students on the iOS platform.

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Device information

Q.  Which iPads will students be using?

We will be ordering the 16gb iPad Air with Wi-Fi in the spring/summer of 2014.  As technology changes, we will re-evaluate new options on the market.

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Q.  Who owns the iPad?

The devices will be owned by Fredericksburg Christian School.

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Q.  What if I already own an iPad?  Can my child use our own instead?

Although we recognize that many families already have iPads, we will require students to use the school's iPads.  It allows us some benefits in terms of device management and application management if each student uses an FCS-owned device.

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Q.  Will my child need their own Apple ID?

One of the first things your child should do after receiving their iPad is create an Apple ID.  If they already use another Apple device (iPod, iPhone, etc.) they may already have one.  Each student will be prompted to either enter or create an Apple ID when they begin to use the iPad.

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Q.  Will FCS provide apps or are families responsible for purchasing them?

FCS will provide the core apps for all students.  Parents will have the option of purchasing additional apps.  Specialized apps for specific classes may be listed on the school supply list at the discretion of FCS administration.

Some of the apps Upper School teachers are currently using include:

    • Board Cam
    • Destiny Quest
    • Doceri
    • Google Drive
    • Key Note
    • Khan Academy
    • OneNote
    • Pages
    • Slideshark
    • Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing
    • YouVersion

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Q.  What should I do if my device is damaged, lost, or stolen?

FCS will offer an insurance policy on a year-by-year basis for the iPads. The cost for the first year will be $40 for $0-deductible, unlimited use coverage of accidental damage (e.g. dropped, cracked screen, liquid submersion, fire, etc.) or theft. If you elect not to purchase the insurance, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing the iPad. Negligent or unexplained loss coverage (e.g. "I left it on the seat of an unlocked car overnight" or "I forgot where I put it, and haven't seen it in a week") is not available.

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Q.  How much is this going to cost me?

The cost of the iPad will be covered through your technology fee along with donor and grant money and re-allocation of some of FCS' technology funding.  You will be required to purchase a case with adequate corner protection for your device.  We will provide a list of recommended cases.  Additional accessories like a keyboard or stylus will not be provided by FCS but you may purchase these if you choose.

We are seeking gifts, donations, and grants to offset a portion of the total cost of the iPads.

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Q.  Will this program increase my tuition?

No. While our tuition will increase by 1.5% for the 2014-2015 school year, the increase is not directly related to launching the iPad program.

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Safety and Security

Q.  Will my child be protected online?

FCS already has an internet filter in place.  The iPads will use the same filter when the students are using an iPad on our school's Wi-Fi.  We would encourage parents to install a filter on their home network as well.  Our technology team will continue to offer training on this topic.

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implementation plan

Q.  How have teachers been prepared and trained for the new program?

Technology training has been an ongoing priority at FCS.  Teachers at FCS have been participants in both required and optional training opportunities.  The technology trainer works with teachers and staff both one-on-one and in group training sessions.  In addition, we have monthly Techfast and Tech Tuesday sessions at each campus focused on specific technology topics of benefit to our students and teachers.  Parents are welcome to attend these sessions as well.

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Q.  What classes and grade levels will be receiving iPads?

We have implemented phase one of our 1:1 plan and are implementing phase two at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

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Phase 1:

Upper School teachers receive iPads and targeted training.

Phase 2:

Lower School and Stafford Campus teachers receive iPads and targeted training.  Middle school students receive an iPad during the first few weeks of school after students and parents have completed required training sessions and submitted required documents.  High school students receive iPads later in the year.

Phase 3:

This will complete our roll out to all students and teachers at FCS.  Implementation for younger students must look different than that for middle and high school students, but by the end of this phase all students will have access to a device.

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Q.  How will students use the iPads?  Will they use them every day?

The iPad is a tool to enhance instruction, but it is one of many tools that we want students to use proficiently.  iPads will be used regularly in the classroom but not for every assignment, or even every day.  It is our goal that students learn to discern when an iPad is the most appropriate tool and when another option is better.  One use for an iPad is for personal productivity so students will learn to use such apps as OneNote and Google Drive to take notes or write papers electronically.  iPads are also an excellent tool for collaboration and creativity, so in assignments where these skills are emphasized iPads may be used as well.

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Q. Where can I find the resources mentioned in the Parent Training?

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