How do we apply FCS’ Mission, Purpose, and Core Values to our  1:1 initiative?


Fredericksburg Christian School is an evangelical non-denominational school dedicated to a strong academic program with Christian character and biblical truths integrated into every area, in order that students develop a lifelong Christian worldview.


“Glorifying God by Educating with Excellence”


Pursue excellence in all things.
                    ...Model and teach servant leadership.
                    ...Uphold integrity and transparency.
                    ...Maintain exemplary standards of professionalism.

FCS’ content and curriculum come first. Technology is a tool to meet our goals not the ultimate goal. A 1:1 program allows us to enhance our already strong academic program. It is our desire to teach students to use technology in a God-honoring manner. By teaching them to view technology use from a Christian worldview we hope to model and teach servant leadership – preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. We strive to pursue excellence in this program by working to prepare the teachers and the technology infrastructure before putting devices into students’ hands. Our goal is to be transparent through this process by sharing it openly with staff and parents as well as learning from and sharing what we learn with other Christian schools.

Why is FCS introducing a 1:1 Program?

  1. Constant power of information in the hands of students

    Information beyond teachers and textbooks can be available to students at all times.

  2. Accelerate cross curricular creativity

    Right brain activity has become essential for post graduate and career success not just in graphics and art, but in science, math, and every other subject. 

  3. eTextbooks

    Textbook publishers have not quite developed their efficiencies for broad, national rollouts of their textbooks, but they are coming soon, and our research indicates that iPads will be the platform of choice. 

  4. Foster real world collaborative learning

    Campus, office and global collaboration is the new and current reality for our graduates.  Entering college with that skill will give our graduates leadership status.

  5. Practice useful technology integration

    Targeted useful integration vs. predominantly after school social networking will give FCS students a healthier technology life balance.

  6. Redemptive Technology, or Technology Discipleship

    The potential for misuse of technology is so available to our children.  We have an unparalleled opportunity to grant them the gift of this powerful tool in the context of the Father’s heart and the protection of His Holy Word.  Digital Wellness is a term that should be a part of the life of an FCS student and an FCS graduate.

  7. University modelling

    It is the rare class at the university level where the work is not submitted electronically. 


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