One of our goals at FCS is to teach our students what it means to serve. This is accomplished in several ways: The entire FCS family participates in Operation Christmas Child; various projects are planned at each campus; and at the high school level, Christian service hours are required for each student. Every great leader must learn to serve first, and that is our goal.

A few of the ways we serve Him:


Operation Christmas Child 

Each year FCS is involved with the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child project. School families and students are encouraged to pack gift shoe boxes withsmall toys and hygiene items which will be shipped overseas and distributed to needy children in poverty-stricken countries around the world. About 1,250 boxes were collected from FCS. 

For the 10th year, a group of 42 students (mostly juniors and seniors) and nine adults (teachers and parents) spent a day-and-a-half in Charlotte, NC helping to process thousands of boxes in preparation for shipping to different countries. They inspected each box, added a few extra goodies, taped the boxes shut, and loaded them in larger cardboard boxes so they could be shipped to their destination countries. The boxes that our group worked on this year were going to the Dominican Republic.
These boxes bring not only joy and excitement to the children, but they also give the Christian organizations in these countries the opportunity for an outreach event in their communities where they can share the gospel.
“The purpose of Samaritan’s Purse is to collect gifts from around the country and be able to ship them to children overseas who live in poverty who have never had a real Christmas gift before. What we do is go down and help them with the sorting process … We just do whatever they need done and have a good time serving the Lord!” --- FCS high school student.
Over three million boxes were packed and shipped this year, and many students are already looking forward to next year’s opportunity for involvement in this ministry.



Interact Club

The FCS Interact Club is a service club which is sponsored by the Rotary Club. Throughout the year, the Interact Club provides diversified services within the community. Among the activities in which Interact members have participated are numerous fund raisers, visiting of the elderly, collection of clothing for those in need, and many more activities.

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Presbyterian Home 

Our mission as a Christian organization is to try to touch as many lives as possible. Working with the Presbyterian Home is a great opportunity to help out those with disabilities and have a fun time doing it. This is also a great opportunity to encourage godliness to those who are in need.

The following are some of the comments from our teachers and students who have been involved with this outreach:

"When you get there, you forget all your worries and cares and really focus on helping them." 

"I go every week, and I really enjoy it. It's one of those things you just look forward to. "

"I get a little sugar every time I go ... I just love them. They want your attention as soon as you get there."

"No matter what mood they're in before you get there, they're always really happy when you do get there."

"By the end of your first time you go there you're just like, this is awesome. It's definitely not a chore to hang out with this great group."

"Once you know them, they're awesome ... If you've had a bad day or just really tired and you still have half the week to go, once you go there it really brightens your day."

The club goes to the Presbyterian Home every Wednesday. We also try to provide a dinner for them once a month to give the staff that run it a little break. The home's residents are always very happy to see our group, and it is quite obvious that both the FCS students and the residents of Presbyterian Home are blessed by the relationship we share.

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The rake-a-thon is an incredible opportunity for the middle school students to put into practice all the things that are learned and taught in the Christian school environment. Students, along with teachers and parents, take an entire school day to go out into the community and serve people by simply raking their leaves. Many times the families that are reached have physical limitations that make it difficult for them to do this task. Other times it is simply a random act of kindness. The students benefit by being able to see first-hand how simple acts can make a large impact in another’s life. It also gives them the opportunity to learn to work together as a team to accomplish a task. On occasion it also presents the opportunity to be a witness to the community and acquaint it with Fredericksburg Christian Schools.

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International Club 

International Club is meant to bring international students together as a support base for one another and to raise awareness among families and the student body. The club gives a sense of belonging to its members.

The International Fair is an annual event sponsored by this club to foster understanding of other nations and their way of life. Select countries are represented through music, food, dance, costumes, trivia, and student presentations.

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