WWER-FM represents a communications cornerstone that can prove pivotal in helping FCS to train future leaders in journalism. The broadcasting frequency of 88.1 FM, combined with streaming audio on the web, will provide a platform to expand the reach and influence of FCS in our local area and beyond; but more importantly these tools can help assist students who might have an interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting journalism. Having hands-on experience in high school with radio and streaming web production and broadcasting will give talented young men and women that pass through the halls of FCS an added advantage as they graduate and move on to higher education or into the work force. Our culture needs men and women with sound Christian moorings to be more present among our national media at all levels. WWER-FM may represent the mustard seed of faith it takes to begin yet another great chapter in the ever-continuing story of Fredericksburg Christian Schools.

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New Morning Show - "TOPIC THUNDER"

There is a new morning show on 88.1 FM Eagle Radio called TOPIC THUNDER! It is made up of three friends representing different grades. 

Nathan or "Mr. Skittles" will be discussing weird news, bringing you some of the most odd and/or funny stories; Chris otherwise known as "Autobot" will be doing current events, bringing you the latest news; and finally we have Brandon, "Brony or DJ Burnstar" with Brony bits where he talks about all things Brony related.

Brony Bits Part 1

Bacon Delight Deodorant with Mr. Skittles

Autobots Breakfast Discussion

Kangaroos on Fire

New Show - Teacher & Coach Talk

Cole H. will be interviewing teachers and coaches from FCS so that listeners might have a better understanding of the reason why they do what they do for FCS.

(Show will be placed on site as soon as possible.)

New Sports Show

Keion and Hunter's sports show.  Keion and Hunter both have a great interest in sports, mainly football.  They will bring you the latest on football scores, plays and their own opinions on the games and players.

(Show will be placed on this site as soon as possible.)

Another edition of the Early Birds has arrived!

Seth Andrews and Cody Sawyer aired their third episode this morning. Each of the topics is available to listen to below.

Seth's Interesting Story About Authority

Christian Review of the Hunger Games Movie/Book

Teen Forces Father Out of Professional Tennis Match

Second episode of the Early Birds!

Seth Andrews and Cody Sawyer aired their second edition to the Early Birds show at 6 a.m. Click on each of the links below to hear the subjects that were discussed.

Lifeguarding Fiasco

Kid Gets Arrested For Soccer Foul

Ferrari Soda Machine

New Show on Eagle Radio!

Eagle Radio now has a new morning show called the Early Birds. It features two of FCS's students, Seth Andrews and Cody Sawyer, tackling both student life and current events. The show has its first air this morning at 6 a.m. You can listen to their talk breaks in parts by clicking the subjects below.

Sensitive Christians/ Watching what you say

Lunchtime Insanity

Broadcaster gets called out for comments against Danica Patrick

Disney gets accused of "Fat-Shaming"

8th Period Music Bash is now accepting requests!

Eagle Radio is now accepting song requests that will air on the 8th Period Music Bash. E-mail with the song title and artist as well as why you want the song to air. It can be what the song means to you or a story about how the song has impacted you. One submission will be chosen per week and will air halfway through the show.

Angel Documentary

Freshman, William Goldstein, interviewed area educators about angels. This documentary features Mr. Jeff Shaeffer and Mrs. Robin Clay from Fredericksburg Christian School as well as Professor Cain from the University of Mary Washington. Make sure to listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of this amazing interview.

8th Period Music Bash with Seth Andrews is on the Air!

Seth Andrews selects new music to be added to the regular playlist every Friday at 2:20 p.m. We are now accepting requests and dedications by e-mail at Here is a preview of the show.

Eagle Radio is now on Facebook!

Eagle Radio now has a Facebook and a Twitter page! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @881EagleRadio. Follow the links below to our pages.!/881EagleRadio

Rev. Mahoney is interviewed by Eagle Radio!

Seth Andrews was able to sit down with Reverend Pat Mahoney from the Christian Defense Coalition for an interview. Rev. Mahoney came to speak to the Leadership Institute as well as the entire school. Reverend Mahoney challenged the school to "obey, engage, and unleash" by building an altar for the Lord and watching as His power rained down as it did with Elijah. Listen to Rev. Mahoney's interview.

FCS Graduate Talkes About Life After High School

Last week, many FCS graduates came back to join us for Homecoming and to fellowship at our Annual Alumni Reception. One in particular was 2010 graduate Laura Long. Seth Andrews was able to sit down with her and talk about what life is like living in California. Seth commented that, "It was really inspiring to talk with someone who is not much older than I am, but is living out in the real world making an impact for Christ." Listen to what Laura had to say about life in Hollywood.

Latest Leadership Promo for the Station

A new leadership promo was aired on the station today. This promo featured another interview with FCS' own Johnny Duggins talking about leadership. This promo was produced by Seth Andrews as part of a series on leadership. Click here to listen to the promo.

New leadership promo on the air!

A new promo premiered on 88.1 Eagle Radio. This piece was produced by Seth Andrews as part of a larger package of leadership promos at FCS. It features football player Johnny Duggins. Click Here to hear the promo.

Latest Leadership Promo for the Station

A new promo was aired today on 88.1 Eagle Radio. This promo was again produced by Seth Andrews, and features FCS's own football player Gavan Duffy (TE/DE/P). Click here to listen to the promo.

Another promo for the station!

Another promo was added to the air today for 88.1 Eagle Radio. Seth Andrews once again produced this piece for the station. This promo features FCS's own football quarterback Bret Barham. This is part of many leadership promos that will be released in the near future. Click Here to hear the promo.

New Sports Leadership Promo On The Air!

A new radio Promo aired today on 88.1 Eagle Radio. Seth Andrews produced this piece from an interview with Fredericksburg Christian's own football player Gavan Duffy (TE/DE/P). Click here to listen to the promo.

Gov. George Allen is interviewed by Eagle Radio!

After a school assembly, Governor George Allen was interviewed by Seth Andrews of 88.1 Eagle Radio. Gov. Allen had many interesting things to say about leadership. This interview was aired live over the air at 10:15 a.m. Seth said afterward, "It was such a great opportunity and experience to interview such an influential figure in today's culture. I praise God that He has given this small gift here at this school." To hear the interview, Click Here.

Eagle Radio Interviews Varsity Football

Eagle Radio's Seth Andrews had the opportunity to interview Coach Jim VanHulzen and a few of his Varsity Football Players. To listen to the interview click here.

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