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"Words can not describe what a blessing the Fredericksburg Christian Preschool program and teachers have been to our family. Both of our children started in the PreK-3 program with Ms. Amy Rudd. She not only taught them their ABC's and 123's, but she also gave them a safe and loving environment to learn and thrive. Mrs. Sawyer's enthusiasm and love for God have made a lasting impression on them as well. The FCS teachers have been a blessing to my husband and me also. Their love, prayers, and friendship have been a constant in our lives. I know my children will always hold a special place in their hearts for them. I know we do."

Scott Family

"When we were moving to the area, it was of primary importance that we find a stellar Christian school for our children. When it came time to interview preschools, I took it very seriously. Of the three that I visited, FCS just could not be topped. The atmosphere was loving and nurturing. The facility was spotless and current. The program is accredited and the teachers have degrees.

The integrated preschool was important to us so that all of our children could attend the same campus. We actually chose the home that we purchased because it was in close proximity to an FCS campus.

FCS preschool is where I entrust my children when I am not caring for them because the teachers and staff genuinely LOVE them. In return, my children love their teachers. Every morning my little girl is dropped off at preschool, I can rest assured that she is being loved, protected, and taught about Jesus until she is returned to my care. My son learned to read in preschool at FCS, and now my daughter, who is the youngest student in her pre-K 3 class, is learning her letters and their respective sounds. It won't be long before she is reading, too. She has amazed me with the things that she tells me about when she comes home from school. My heart is warmed on so many occasions, and my love for FCS grows deeper with every year my children are there. We are so thankful for the privilege of sending our children to FCS, and we wouldn't dream of having them spend these precious young years anywhere else.

I would encourage any family to strongly consider giving your preschoolers the gift of a Christ-centered, nurturing, well-rounded education from FCS. It is one of the best decisions we have made for our children. We cannot say enough about the wonderful teachers and staff - we truly love them. Having spoken with parents of children who attend elsewhere, I know in my heart that FCS is simply unmatched as a preschool. I am so proud and incredibly thankful that my family is part of the FCS family."


"It's hard to put into words exactly what the preschool at FCS has meant to us; every time I go to write something, the words alone do not seem adequate enough to describe all the wonderful things about this program. FCS is an extension of our family, it's a place where our children are loved and nurtured and encouraged to explore the potential that God has given them. FCS is also a place where we have become part of their family, where friendships are formed not only with classmates, but between parents and teachers. It's a place where, beginning in preschool, they are challenged to reach their full potential, they are held accountable for their actions, and they develop a deep love of learning and for the Lord. We feel so blessed that FCS is a part of our family and that we are a part of theirs."

A. Wilder

"This is our 3rd year with FCS. When my son was about to turn 3, my husband and I decided it was time for him to start meeting and interacting with other children. So we took a whole day to go interview all of the preschools we knew of in Stafford County. FCS was the first school on our list. We really had no reason for it to be first. We didn't know anyone and had no idea what FCS was about.

When we look back now it really wasn't "fair" to the other schools that FCS was first on our list. NO other school (and we went to 4 others after FCS) compared to what we saw and felt when we walked into FCS.

I still remember the day we walked into the school and how kind everyone was. We took a tour of the school and then we got to peek in on the PK 3 class. I WAS AMAZED! Had I not known it was a PK 3 class I would have thought I walked into a kindergarten classroom. They truly were a busy bee hive working in sync together and everyone had an important place in that hive. AND THEN I met Mrs. Metzger! Wow! She is really what convinced us FCS was the place for our children. Her passion for teaching and her love of the Lord oozes from her like gooey honey from a bee hive. Once you have had a taste you want more!! And the more you want the more she gives. Mrs. Metzger and FCS have given my children an amazing foundation to life. They have hand in hand taught them to love and have respect for the Lord and to OBEY the FIRST time, values that my son continues to carry with him even though he is no longer at FCS.
Next year will be our last year at FCS. I am sincerely going to have a hole in my heart that this school will forever have a piece of."

NG Family

"We cannot imagine a better place for our children to have had their first school experience. A safe and nurturing school; based on strong moral, spiritual and ethical values, administered by amazingly talented, dedicated staff.  Our three children left FCS preschool extremely well prepared, spiritually, academically and socially, for Kindergarten. It was the best investment we could have made in our kids! Our fond memories of our experience at  Fredericksburg Christian Preschool will stay with us forever. "

"Since the day we walked through the doors of FCS preschool 4 years ago our children have not only learned their ABC’s and 123’s but have also built great relationships with their teachers, developed new friendships with other children and been nurtured in their walk with God. Next year our youngest will be in Kindergarten but our family will treasure the school each day; the laughter and joy of the children as they play together, the sound of their sweet voices reciting Bible verses and of course all of you who have made FCS so warm and inviting each day for us all.  Thank you for loving our children as your own. We love you all like you’re family and want you to know you hold a forever, special place in our hearts. "


(This is from my parents)

"Our experience at FCS Preschool over the past 4 years has been amazing. Through the years we and our 3 grandchildren have been continually supported and nurtured. The love and guidance the teachers provide for each child allows them to feel self-confident and learn to get along with their peers.The classrooms are thoughtfully laid out with numerous areas for self-exploration and group play that cater to the children’s varying interests. The art projects are creative and give the children many different tactile experiences, and it is a joy to hear little voices at home singing the uplifting songs they learn at school.  FCS has provided all of our grandchildren with a safe and nurturing place to begin their school experience. We couldn't be happier with the school, its administrators and staff. They have all truly become part of our family."

Grandma C.

"FCS provides a wonderful program for preschoolers and it has been an answered prayer for our family. When we started looking for the right preschool for our children to attend, we were pleasantly surprised to find such an enriching environment that offered the love and Christian guidance that our little girls needed at three and four years old. Once we met the teachers and learned what the program was about, we were confident that FCS was the place that God intended our children to be a part of. The teachers and staff not only provide a Christian education but they demonstrate it with the love they shower on their students every day. 

Within the program, the children attend their own chapel, designed just for three and four year olds, field trips to enrich their preschool experience, and an open invitation from the teachers to be a part of their child’s daily routine through volunteering or visiting at any time. More than anything we wanted our children to feel safe and loved in the preschool we chose for them and that is exactly what we found at FCS.

We have been blessed to have two children go through FCS’s preschool program and we would recommend any family to be a part of such a warm and loving environment."

Johnson Family

"Fredericksburg Christian school preschool has been more to my family than just a place to send my son for education. It has been another home with an extended family to cry, smile, pray and grow with. Mrs Metzger and her cohorts are compassionate, caring and absolutely amazing. The love that they feel for their students is completely apparent immediately in simply the way they look at them. I have watched my shy, quiet little boy turn into a confident, beaming with pride little man while attending FCS preschool. He has grown socially, academically, and with a faith deeper than I could have ever hoped for. Mrs Underwood's positive, welcoming smile is every indication of the way she leads her school. I firmly believe that FCS was God's will for our family. A teacher who prays with you and genuinely cares for your child's and your own well being is ALL that is right in this world. I know that the Christian foundation they are laying in my sweet baby's life will carry him throughout and the respect and values they teach will help him cope with the sometimes challenging world we live in."

Sprouse Family

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