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Giving of your time to support the ministry is a gift of immeasurable value...

There are many opportunities to support our students, faculty and staff, parents, and administrators within the ministry as a volunteer... within the classroom, in the office or other jobs at the campus your child attends and within the Development Department are but a few examples. Here is a quick overview of ways to help right within the Development Department:

  • All-In-One Sale (checking orders)
  • Family Fun Day (setting up, manning booths or helping set up volunteers for your grade level for the booth)
  • Silent Auction (acquiring items, ads, collecting items, publicity, decorating, set up)
  • Cooking for Development Functions (if needed)
  • Addressing Envelopes for Mailings
  • Taking and Gathering Digital Photos (for ads and publications such as the Alumni News and Eagle Edition)
  • Clean Up for Special Events
  • Parking Crew for Special Events
  • Parent Ambassador (mentor for new FCS families to answer questions)
  • Helping with Our Annual Eagle Golf Classic Tournament Held at the Fredericksburg Country Club
  • Athletic Events (concessions, ticket sales etc.)

We also have an active Alumni Association and Grandparents' Association ... any assistance with either one would be a true blessing to us—and to you!

Contact us at 540-373-5355 or lrutherford@fcschools.org if you have any questions, suggestions or to sign up now!

We can assure you that whatever level of volunteerism you are interested in, we have it! We rejoice in all that God has accomplished in this ministry, and you're a critical component of the ministry. Your gift is not undervalued or overlooked!


When my boys began pre-school at FCS, I attended the meeting for volunteers and was quickly connected. My boys are now a freshman and a senior, and I've been connected through volunteering ever since.  I've had the opportunity to be involved in numerous areas.  I've carried pumpkins, copied, glued, sorted, stapled, planned, cooked, escorted, hung artwork, and even experienced the earthquake while volunteering!  Through it all I've prayed and laughed, cried and planned with a wonderful group of FCS staff, teachers, students, and parents.  It's been fulfilling and a blessing!  I don't regret a minute of it!

-B. Williamson

Whenever I am asked, “Why do you volunteer?” I say, “Why not!”  Our daughter has been at FCS since she was four year old.  Even before then, we knew what a phenomenal ministry FCS is, not just for this area, but even beyond this country.  I was determined to do everything I could to “give back” to this school.  They spend more hours with my daughter during the week than her father and I.  The ministry, and, it is a ministry, the Administration, Faculty and Staff do far more than we could ever imagine in the life of our daughter.  The few areas in which I volunteer will never be enough to help these sweet people.  My volunteering in these small areas allow them to perform the much larger task at hand -- further God’s Kingdom in the lives of these children.  Each time I help, I am always blessed beyond measure.  I know they are so thankful for any and all help, but they will probably never realize just how much the parents appreciate all they do for the students on a daily basis.  If you are ever asked, “Can you volunteer?” I pray your response would be the same as mine ...”Why not!”  You will most definitely be blessed!!

-L. Nicholls

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